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Homemade Hot Sauce Making Kit Gift

The gift of do it yourself homemade hot sauce will give the hot sauce lover in your life a smile. The receiver of this gift is set free to create their dream sauce. They have unlimited potential with seven bottles, peppers, recipes, and more. This is the DIY hot sauce moment they've been waiting for! They will thank you when they are eating their tums and getting through the heartburn. It's mouthwatering just think about the endless possiblities!!!

This gift is perfect for boyfriend, husband, dad, grandpa, son, coworker, DIY fans, homemade hot sauce lovers, and others.

Consider this gift with a complimenting hot sauce t-shirt or some yummy popcorn to go with it. A bottle of extra strength Tums would be a funny add-on as well.

do it yourself hot sauce making kit

About this item, homemade hot sauce kit:

  • Why is this kit different: this make your own hot sauce kit includes only 5th generation heirloom peppers and spice blends that are all natural and gmo free
  • All the ingredients you need in one place: make great tasting hot ones hot sauce dabs, with a done for you gourmet spice blend and ancho pasillas, chipotle, habanero and a ghost peppers
  • 500+ scoville heat units: perfect for any hot sauce challenge or spicy gift for dad
  • Be the boss of your sauce: command endless varieties of heat and flavor like a boss; includes recipes and flavor guide, custom label stickers, squeeze and glass woozy bottles, bottling funnel and more
  • Unique gift: instead of giving the same gifts you give each holiday and birthday, use our hot sauce kit to give an experience instead

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