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Magic Set Featuring 350 Entertaining Tricks

The aspiring magician magic set is a great present for all ages. This novelty unleashes the potential to live out childhood dreams and have a fun time while doing it. Everyone in the world has some fantasy with magic. When looking for a special gift for someone, magic is always pleasing. Whether you desire to entertain or learn slight of hand, a magic set can most definitely fill the need. Young children love magic and so do adult. The gift of magic is perfect for young children and adults. The MasterMagic Magic Kit includes 350 easy to learn tricks that will captivate the audience once perfected. With 350 tricks to choose from, one can easily master more than 20 tricks into an entertaining show.

This gift is perfect for children, adults, him, her, son, daughter, on birthday parties, just because, and other occasions as well. This is also an excellent hobby gift.

Consider this gift with a magician's outfit

Magic Set Product Details:

  • Looking for a Magic Kit for your child or grandchild? This Magic Set is perfect for kids age 5 to 14
  • With over 350 easy to learn Magic Tricks, this kit has enough material to put together a magic show for family and friends!
  • Kit includes access to our secret website with step-by-step video walkthroughs of even more tricks which don't require the use of this kit
  • High quality, child friendly props are designed for young hands and ideal for beginners.
  • Includes 3 bonus Ebooks: “Modern Coin Magic. Learn Over 236 Amazing Tricks Using Coins” + “Encyclopedia of Card Tricks” and “Expert at the Card Table” (Total value of $30 on Amazon if purchased separately)

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